Why Bitcoin Cash?

Join the digital money revolution

An imminent transformation

Cryptocurrencies stand to transform the way business and individuals exchange value

As demand for fast, borderless, cheap transactions grows, so does the value of the currency powering it

Why people are excited about Bitcoin Cash


What are they good for?


Just like Bitcoin, with small adjustments, making it the digital equivalent of cash


Useful as store of value, making it the digital equivalent of gold

Bitcoin Cash believes in the original vision Bitcoin by Satoshi Nakamoto

A fast, secure, worldwide peer to peer electronic cash system with low processing fees

So, what's the difference between Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin?

How fast is it?

With transactions taking hours or even days, Bitcoin does not meet the market demand for instant payments


over 100



transactions per second

transactions per second



How much does it cost to send?

With transaction fees fluctuating between $5 and $50, Bitcoin is impractical for casual spending and micro-transactions

3,800x lower

under $0.01



fee per transaction

fee per transaction



Isn't gold more valuable?

10x bigger

World wide cash market is $100 trillion

World wide gold market is $10 trillion

Bitcoin was just the first step, Bitcoin Cash is the next

We believe peer-to-peer electronic cash is a useful tool towards economic freedom

Global transaction market

3 trillion

transactions per year

75%are cash transactions
13%are credit card transactions
Even 1% of global transactions would mean 82 million transactions per day for BCH

The opportunity

With a cash market 10x bigger than gold, Bitcoin Cash has a bigger upside potential
Bitcoin Cash is already doing 120% of the transaction volume that Bitcoin does, but is only valued at 1% of the current Bitcoin valuation

A chance to do better

Bitcoin Cash wants to be carbon neutral, and put in everyone's hands the power to create a positive impact

Instead of fees, plant some trees

BCH is almost free to send. On every checkout you can choose to help the planet. Coming soon.

What you get with Bitcoin Cash

We already know Bitcoin Cash enables instant transactions, at a fraction of a cent

But it doesn't stop there...

Wide adoption

Accepted by over 100,000 merchants online worldwide


Transact globally

Peer to peer electronic cash

Transact directly with no middleman

No need for banks


No account can be frozen

Cannot be shutdown

You can mint your own tokens

Tether is on Bitcoin Cash


Security guaranteed by the blockchain


Skip the hurdles and bureaucracy


Supported by Paypal and every major exchange on Earth

Blockchain, Paypal, Binance, Coinbase

What now?


Install the "Bitcoin Wallet"


Start your journey into innovating the $100 trillion market

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